Selective List of Publications

(In Arabic unless otherwise stated. Original Arabic titles appear in the Arabic section)  

Al Moustalah, Dictionary of Computer Sciences, English- Arabic, (joint authorship), Librairie du Liban , Beirut, 1989
Qamous Computer al Mousawar, (Pictorial Dictionary of Computers), Arabic, (translated), Librairie du Liban , Beirut, 1994

Reference Guides

Directory of Regional & National Institutes, Research Centers ,Specialized Agencies & Training and Technical University Programmes Available In ECWA Countries, Vols. I & II, English, Economic & Social Commission For Western Asia, Baghdad,1983.
Mawsoua’t Computer Mouyasarat ( Simplified Encyclopedia of Computers), Librairie du Liban , Beirut, 1991.


The Arabic Ages of Astronomy, Librairie du Liban Publishers (Beirut), and Ashariqat Masriah Alamiah lilnasher Longman ( Cairo), 2003.
8 Tammouz,The Trial and Execution of Antoun Saadeh, Beirut, 2002.
The Riddle of the Great Pyramid, Riad El_Rayyes Books Ltd, London-Beirut, 1998.
The Great Scientific Revolutions of the 20th Century, Sharikat Matboua’t Mousawarah, Beirut, 1994.
Information at the Eve of the 21 Century, Librairie du Liban , Beirut, 1987 .

Said Freiha : Half a Century of Benevolence, Dar Assayad, Beirut, 1979.
The Document of the War of Lebanon, Dar Assayad, Beirut, 1977.

The Dar Assayad Year Book for 1974, Dar Assayad, Beirut, 1974.
Ashararah Tariq Nasr (The Spark :Road to Victory) , Story of the War of October 1973, Dar Assayad, 1974.
The Dar Assayad Year Book for 1972-73, Dar Assayad, Beirut, 1973.

Articles Contributed in Joint Publications

Haliyat, Ten Years in the March of the Future, Cedre, Dar Nashr wa Tasweeq, Beirut, 1988. (Introduction to the Book)

The Role of the Lebanese People in the Development of Information Sector in Lebanon, Our Common Futuristic Vision for Human Development, Institute for Development Studies, Beirut, 1985. [The 20th Anniversary Commemorative Book of the Institute (1964-1985)].

Research Centers and their Services in the Field of Journalism, the Lebanese University, College of Information and Culture, (2nd Branch), and Cedre, [not dated].

The Palestine Problem and the Zionist Danger,The Zionist Danger on Lebanon and the Role of Lebanon in Confronting the Dangers of Zionism, Headquarters of the Lebanese Army, General Staff, jointly with the Institute for Palestine Studies, Beirut, 1973.

The Yearbooks of the Palestine Question (for the years 1967-1969), The Palestine Question in the Arab Sphere, Institute for Palestine Studies, Beirut.


The Renaissance of Japan (the Meiji Restoration), Center for the Study of Japanese Experience, Beirut, in collaboration with the United University, Tokyo, and Illustrated Publications Co., Beirut, 1993. [being a translation of : [Meiji Ishin:Restoration & Revolution, Edited by Nagai Michio & Miguel Urrutia,The United Nations University,Tokyo,1985]


Lebanon and the UNDP : 40 years of Cooperation that Inspires Renovation, (English & Arabic), Beirut, 1990.          

Articles and Research Papers
(Selections out of about 400 articles)

Book Reviews

Bayna Machyakhat wa A’lmaneh, Nadime Adra, Beirut, 2005, An-Naar, 8/6/2005

Loughat el Arab (Language of the Arabs), Vol.,I, George Mitri Abdul Masih, Librairie du Liban, Beirut, 1993. (in Al-Anwar, 20/04/93)

Communications an Transport in the Arab Civilization, Yousef Ahmad Chirawi, Riyad Rayess Publications, London, Cyprus, 1992 (in Al-Anwar, 8/01/93)

Indexes to the Story of Civilization, Mouhammad Abdel Rahim, Dar el-Jeel,Beirut, 1992 (in Al-Anwar, 31/07/92)

Japan and the Oil Crisis of 1973, Konio Yanajida,, Mouassasat Nawel, Beirut, 1991, (in Al-Anwar, 31/07/91)
Al-Khalil, Dictionary of Idioms of Arab Grammer, George Mitri Abdel Masih and Hani George Tabri, Librairie du Liban, Beirut, 1990, (in Al – Anwar, 13/12/1991)
Sultan Qaboos Encyclopedia of Arab Names, Sultan Qaboos University and Librairie du Liban, (in Al- Anwar, 30/01/91).
Margaret, Daughter of Beatrice, A Politician’s Psycho-Biography of Margaret Thatcher,( by Leo Abse, Cape,London, 1989) .( In Al-Anwar, 30/12/89)

Hadathani Ya’ Seen Qal (Y.S Talked to Me and Said), (In Al-Anwar, 22/3/88).

Dimensions of Scientific Consciousness, by Sami Aoun, Pauline Editions, (in Al-Anwar, 16/4/87 and 17/4/87).
The Complete Works of Imam Mouhamad Abdo, (in An-Nahar, 22/10/73)
Women and the Writing of Science Fiction , Bahithat, Vol.II, Beirut, 1995-69.


Teaching Science in Arabic, An-Nahar, 17/2/94.

Which is More Appropriate for Writing Science, the Style of Salame Mousa or the Style of Fouad Sarrouf, Moulhaq Nahar, 4/6/76

Religious Criticism:

A Computer Threat to Theologians : Are the Letters of Paul the Epistle Faked? Moulhaq Nahar, 1/9/64.

Nor Noah Neither the Flood : Just Ink on Paper, Moulhaq Nahar, 16/8/64.
Moses the Talker to God Did Not Exist, Moulhaq Nahar, 26/7/64.

The Japanese Experience in Development

The Renaissance of Japan, An-Nahar, 11/3/94.

Towards an Arab-Japanese Dialogue , An-Nahar, 6/5/92.

The Importance of Studying the Japanese Model, Achira’, 20/4/92.

Lebanon and Japan, Al-Anwar, 20/8/91.

The Japanese Century of Modernization,: The Transformation of Technology, Dirasat ( Bulleting of the College of Education, Lebanese University, Year 13, No.20/86.

International Affairs and Strategy

The Arabs in the Age of International Changes, Al-Anwar, 17/6/91
The Age of American Singularity, Al-Anwar, 5/6/90.

The Arabs and the Pacific Rim, Asharq – Alawsat, 6/5/90.
Strategy and International Affairs [a series of 13 articles], Al-Anba, Kuwait , 1//12/81-25/5/82.
The History of Warfare from Frederick the Great to the Nuclear Age,[ a series of 23 articles] Al-Anba, Kuwait, Jan.-to Feb.,1988.

The Computer and the Credibility of Deterrence, Al-Computer, Communications and Electronics, July, 1984.

International Affairs, [a series of 8 articles], Al-Anwar, 10/2-7/8/75.

China and Nuclear Deterrence, Moulhaq Nahar, 9/7/67.

The Conceptual Framework of Non-alignment, Al-Jaridah, 28/3/65.


Being Oriental is not a Prescription for Backwardness, An-Nahar, 11/3/94.

Technology and Development, Al-Anwar, 13,15,16,18/5/89.

The Plunder of Iraq’s Cultural Treasure , As Sayyad, 25/4/2003.

The Battery of Baghdad: the First Iraqi technological Invention Since 2000 Years, Al-Anwar, 20/4/2003.

Hisham Sharabi in his Biography, Al-Anwar, 8,9/9/94

The Culture of the Aftermath of the War: Void, As-Safir, 3/12/91, amd An-Nahar, 18,21/1/92.

Fukuyama and the End of History, Al-Anwar, 15/10/89.
Alfred Ayer the Greatest Philosopher Since Russell, Al-Anwar, 277/89.

A Book for the Way Back, An-Nahar, 1/8/88.
In Memory of Salameh Mousa, the Toilet- Man of Letters, An-Nahar, 4,5/8/73.

Oum Koulthoum a Golden Age that Must Vanish, Moulhaq Nahar, 3/9/67.

Bertrand Russell: a Voltaire of Our Age or a Victorian Fossil?, Moulhaq Nahar, 21/5/67.

Achieving Equivalents of Beethoven Requires Generations of Composers, Moulhaq- Nahar, 23/10/66.

Syrian Social Nationalism

An Attempt to Chronicle a Unique Person, (lecture given at Beit Chaar, el Matn Chemali, 8/7/2004.)

The Values of Human Community Life as Compared Between the American System and National Social System, (lecture Given at An Saadeh, 3/7/2004.)

Saadeh and the Course of the Future, (lecture Given at Toronto and Otttowa on 133/2004 and 17/3/2004 respectively).

Reflections on the Statue of Saadeh, An-Nahar, 17/6/2003.

Saadeh in His Centennial, An-Nahar , 21/9/2003.

Proposal for “Saadeh Institute for Thought and Culture”, 14/11/2002.

The Palestine Problem and the Arab Israeli Conflict

The Dilemma of Israel Between Lessons of History and Plans for Survival, Shououn Falastiniyah, Jun., 1973.

Israeli and Zionist Studies of Arab and Palestinian Affairs in American Research Centers, An-Nahar, 23/4/71.

The Palestinian Resistance Does not Need Justice , it Needs Power of Personality, Vision and Imagination, Itihad Loubnani, An-Nahar, 24/1/71.
The Bullets of the Night of January 1965 Shined the Road to the Liberation of Palestine, Moulhaq An-Nahar, 2/6/68.

US Aid to Israel, Dirasat Arabiyah, April, 1967.

Israel and The European Common Market, Dirasat Arabiyah, Jan., 1967.

Where Did Israel Reach in its invasion of Africa?, Rijal A’mal, Juky, 1966.


Fifteen Years as a Guardian to the Tombstone of Ahmad Fares el Chidiak, Moulhaq Nahar, 3/10/98.
Ioannina: The Greek City that Merges the Authenticity of the East and the Culture of the West, As-Sayyad, 8/8/2003.
The Crusader State Did not Fall in one Stroke, As-Sayyad, 8/11/73
In memory of the Ain Jalout Battle, (Al Anwar, 1/9/84)
Futuristic Studies

Genetic Engineering and the Ethics of the Human Race: Mary Shelley and the Birth of Frankenstein, Al-Anwar, 11//12/2000.

Human- Machine Interface, Al Anwar, 12/12/2000 and 13/12/2000.
The Influence of Science on Society, Arabiyah, Jeb, 1992.
The World After 20 Years, An-Nahar Yearly Issue, Jan., 1965.
The Shape of Future Life, An-Nahar Yealy Issue, Jan., 1966


The Problems of Publishing in Arab Scientific Journals, I ’lm wa Tecknologia, Jun.,1988.

Al-Ou’loum (Scientific American mag., translated to Arabic): a Jewel Among its Seven Sisters, Al-Computer, Communications and Electronics, Feb.,1986.

Information Technology

The Challenge of the Internet to the Future of the Arab World in the 21st Century, Al-Computer, Communications & Electronics, March, 2000.

The Repercussions of IT and Communications Revolution on the Forthcoming Millennium, Al-Computer, Communications & Electronics, Jan., 2000.

The Information Revolution Negates the Need to Copy the Western Experience in Development, Al-Hayat, 8/11/94.

The War of Chips, Al-Arabi, Aug.,1994

A Computer for Every and Each School Desk, Bareed Al-Moua’lem, Nov., 1984, Al-Anwar, 19/2/86 and 1/12/92.

Is Intelligence a Separate Entitiy of the Brain?, Al-Anwar, 9/9/88 & 10/9/88.

How Do We Think Serially or Comprehensively? Al-Computer, Communications & Electronics, Oct., & Nov., 1986.
Towards Thinking Machines, Al-Computer, Communications & Electronics, Dec., 1986 & Jan., 1987.

Artificial Intelligence, Al-Computer, Communications & Electronics, Sept., Oct., Nov., Dec., 1987.

Human Intelligence, Al-Computer, Communications & Electronics, Feb., June, 1987.

The Information System of the Cell, The Laws of Heredity and Secret of Life, Al-Computer, Communications & Electronics, Feb.,-July, 1988.

Women are the Origin of Evolution, Al-Hawadeth, 27/10/72.


Enjoy the Company of Your Pipe, Al-Fares, July, 1985 .


On The Great Scientific Revolutions, Al-Hawadeth, 2/6/95.

On the Information Highway, AFP, 6/4/95.

On the Japanese Experience , Al-Hawadeth, 20/5/94.

On Information Revolution at the Eve of the 21st Century, Koul al Arab, 9/9/87, Nahar Arabi wa Dawli, 4/5/87, Kifah Arabi, 4/5/87, Safir, 13/2/87, Idari, Jan., 87, Majales, 6/3/82.

TV Interviews

LBCI 4/7/97 ( on Pathfinder)
Future   9/4/97(on IT) - 9/5/97 (on meteor Hally Pop) - 4/3/95 (on Science and Astrology) -  29/12/94 (on Expectations of Science for the New Year) - 26/4/94 (on Japanese Development)
CVN 3/2/96 ( on the discovery of new planets) - 29/8/95 ( General) - 24/12/94 (on the Pyramids and the correlation theory)
Sygma 9/8/96 - 5/12/95 - 3/8/95 (General)
Orbit 30/4/97 (on Scientific Revolutions) - 29/3/95 (on Astrology)
NTV Dec., 1994 (on Scientific Revolutions)

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