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On Information technology reporting :

" I am writing to convey to you my sincere thanks for the superb coverage you have given Compaq in the march 1995 issue of Al Computer, Communications & Electronics. In all honesty it was one of the best written articles on Compaq that I have personally come across in the Middle East or elsewhere."

Walid Moneimne, General Manager, Compaq Computer WLL

(24 April, 1995)


On Information at the Eve of the 21 st Century

The chapter on “ The Japanese Modernization Century ” is a study worth of being elaborated in a separate textbook, for its benefit would be so productive in the other Arab countries.

Dr. Edmond Rabbat


I have read these studies [on the Japanese Experience] , so interestingly. I have much appreciated the author's devotion to considering this distinctive phenomenon of this present time trends, whose significance intensifies and widely spreads as swiftly as we are rushing into the next age.

Dr. Constantine Zoureik, letter to the author


I congratulate you on your book. Your book emanates from your soul and abides by your methodology as a researcher and a future thinker. Perhaps the means of production have been the makers of the past, yet the information media are the makers of the future. And you are, as always, one of the pioneers of the finest society and for the best future. Your writing of this textbook falls under that groundbreaking, futuristic context. How well it would be if all those still looking for a better future – for Lebanon , the Arabs and the individual – read and benefit by this book.

Dr. Hasan Saab, letter to the author


Antoine Boutros is not a new entrant to the fields of modern sciences, to their applications and interactions with a human's life and thought. He is one of those pens who have been trained, since the sixties, to associate with these contemporary challenges… Since those beginnings, this stylistic method has found its flexibility and the vitality of its insight to get through into the details, that intrinsic practice, reasonable and self-contented with the words, following the concise concepts, pursuant them to the end of their twists.

Dr. Edward Amine Boustany, An-Nahar


This book pertains to that sequence of works that records the present era from an economic perspective that focuses on the future. Information is a revolution that would play a vital role in our lives, just as we are living today on the crossroads of a new civilization. As for the writer, he is one of those academic journalists, rather a methodical historian, a foreseeing writer who has given to his book profound information in a gorgeous approach.

Antoine Seif, Al Anwar


I guess I was not the only one who fell under the spell of this lecture and the dominance of its information and the technicality with which it has been written and the seamless buildup of the its richness which roams like the eye of a bee. What drew my attention most was the use of a new language in the treating of this subject. But could anyone initiate a fatwa while Malek is in town?

Dr. Elham Kalaab El Bisat, in an address


A book that deserves more than just a passing pause, or quick reading. It is a forewarning signal for Lebanon and the Arab countries, for not standing just spectators, and start taking effective part in this information revolution. This meticulous scientific illustration for the latest in the information technology is so distinguished with its smooth style away from that dullness of the scientific writings… The book is a revolution with Antoine Boutros.

Joseph Badawi, An-Nahar


This book tackles, for the first time in the Arabic language, a series of issues and scientific and intellectual theories that surround the enormous technological revolution and its breaking through of a new historical epoch in human societies. Undoubtedly this book, whenever read, will definitely prompt a debate stirred by only few serious and pioneering works.

Joseph Issawi, As-Safir


We do not overstate when we position this book at the sight of a cultural novelty, for being a first, an intuitively prospective structure, in addition to its straightforward approach, whether it is chronicling, analyzing or scrutinizing.

Ahmed Farhat, Al-Kifah Al Arabi


A well documented book. The theoretical research, the historical examination and the scientific surveying are in perfect harmony

L'Orient-Le Jour


The Arabic language has not acknowledged, since the beginning of scientific writing in Arabic, a more profound and richer publication than the book of Antoine Boutros. This book is an event in itself in our Lebanese cultural life. One wonders whether there is anyone other than Antoine Boutros, capable of outstandingly setting out to this technological revolution and its immense derivatives? In our cultural page of this daily, and as we praise the sharp smartness of this thinker and researcher, and his energy to fathom the technological revolution in addition to its concepts and theories – historically, socially, economically and culturally – it strikes us to note his Arabic style, his linguistic capability of tracing the expressions and facts, loading them with abundant information, as equally matching the proficiency of authors and sculptors of the language.

Al- Ahrar


A textbook of a distinctive structure, and a unique endeavor to write and discuss, for holding in its flexible drawing up this nascent science of after World War II. The book presents an indispensable live scientific subject for every researcher looking for the concept of contemporary and modernization, depicted in this technology packed with electronics.

Al- Anwar


Questions, answers and issues the writer sets forth with the profoundness of the researcher and the insight of the thinker, a bearer of the trends of the future.

An-Nahar Al Arabi wa Dawli



The writer has that swift-moving style, which does not reach the rim of mystery and briefing; plus that deep thinking, which does not get lost in the labyrinths of this modern science; a style that does not fall short to give elaborated details to all sorts of readers.

Al- Idari


On the issuing of Al-Computer, Communication & Electronics Magazine

In acknowledging that challenge to Dar Assayad, there is that kind of simplicity. The colleague Antoine Boutros is indeed one of Dar Assayad family, not an outsider.

Samir Attallah, As- Sayyad


Antoine Boutros! If you haven't read Al Computer and Electronics magazine, when first issued in 1983, you are undoubtedly not realizing how many thanks should be addressed to that researcher and bold pioneer. A computer magazine in Arabic in 1983 ? you must be kidding.

Byte Middle East


On The Secret of the Great Pyramid

The Secret of the Great Pyramid presents the gist of research and theories concerning the pyramids from the perspective of the history of astro archaeology and recent findings. Antoine Boutros is one of the best equipped to fathom in depth this difficult subject. He is considered a reference which does not deplete for scientific subjects in the Arab World where he has authored or contributed in authoring around twenty books or references or dictionaries.

Nadim Abdo, Assayad


On The Arabic Ages of Astronomy

Researcher Antoine Boutros tackles - through what has been witnessed in him of deep insight and wide culture - the firmly established position of the Arabs in astronomy and exploring the stars. Antoine Boutros goes beyond deep scientific benefit with its full command of its details to the surprising literary pleasure which is diffused within the pages of the book. His style is pleasant and motivating, something that places his book among the literature of science.

Hakem Mardan, An- Nahar


The style of Antoine Boutros is distinguished always by his insistence on searching for accurate and scientific references with emphasis on letting data which is incorporated in his works correct and clear without any ambiguity. His book is essential to all those who yearn for true undertaking of the history of Arab science.

Nadim Abdo, Al-Anwar


On The Great Scientific Revolutions of the 20 th Century

A comprehensive scientific reference which leads to acquiring a modern and contemporary scientific culture in the Arabic language. In fact the books carries all the characteristics of western scientific books from both accuracy and content.

Nadim Abdo, An-Nahar



On The Documentary Registry of the War of Lebanon

His Highness has instructed me to relay to you through these lines his personal congratulations for the effort undertaken in the preparation of this book on the war in Lebanon .

Deputy Minister of Information and Culture, Sultanate of Oman


On The Renaissance of Japan

The book on the Renaissance of Japan succeeds to a great extent in the abstract dealing with the modern Japanese phenomena of development. The book requires further reading… and the Japanese experience in development provides us with a lesson worthy of scrutinizing.

Tareq Ziadah Saleh, ASharqal – Awsat


On the establishment of The Center for the Study of Japanese Experience

A unique and first lf its kind research center in the Arab World was established in Beirut .The focus of the center is the exploration of ways of benefiting from the Japanese experience in order to speed up plans of Arab development and ensure best industrial prerequisites that will enable surpassing the historical delay and the initiation of the Arab development and modernization enterprise

ASharqal - Awsat



On the Lebanon & UNDP Book

Indeed an excellent booklet.

Lieutenant -General Lars-Eric Wahlgren

Force Commander, UNIFIL


Excellent Publication

Joana Merlin- Scholtes,

Acting deputy Chief,



Congratulations both on the timing and quality of this publication.

Basem Khader,

Deputy Assistant and Deputy Director,



Most interesting brochure. Would scarcely be timelier.

Federico Mayor,

Director General,



I read it with interest and nostalgia .

George Haddad,

Chief central Monitoring Unit,

We read the document with much interest and found it informative and well prepared.

Shukri Dajani,

Ass.Director General,


Valuable Publication.

John Washburn, Director,Executive Officer of the Secretary General,


A Rebel of the Sixties :

In his lecture about the intellectual problems in the Nahar weekly supplement, Dr Edward Amine el Boustani talked about the revolutionaries of the sixties of the 20 th century. He wondered:

" where to did their revolutions lead: the rebels of the linguistic revolution, of the intellectuals, of the students, the sexual revolution, to the revolt of Ghassan tweini, the secular revolution in matters of science and religion, the writings of the Nationalists and their discussions, the revolts of Sadeq Jala el-Azm, Abdullah Qousaimi, Abdulah Najjar, Leila Baalbaki, Aliya Solh, Ounsi Hajj, Antoine Boutros, and Yousef el-Khal, and the appeals of scores of other rebels…. They have all been enfolded by time, and swallowed by the pages of history, and all that remained was just titles and some memories. "

The author of this web site had in fact written many essays which fall under the subject of Religious Criticism and Scientific Prognosis:

The World after 20 years (the yearly Nahar 64/65)

Science and the Search for the Secret of Life (the yearly Nahar, 65/66)

The Letters of Paul the Epistle Scrutinized by the Computer

Moses is a Mythical Character

Noah also Does Not Pertain to Reality

These articles and the like stirred interest as well as appreciation from one side and resentment from another. But the negative side was stronger to the extent of banning the continuation of the series.

The Award of the Kuwait Foundation for the Advancement of Science

In 1993 the owner of this site won the Kuwait Foundation for the Advancement of Science Award for his book Mawsoua't al Computer al Mouyasarah, (The Simplified Encyclopedia of Computers ) as a part of the three categories of awards given that year to various writers in order to promote scientific research in all fields and disciplines, I addition to encourage scientists and researchers in Kuwait and the Arab Countries. These three categories were 1 st winners of the Kuwait Award, the 2nd winners of the Repercussions of the Iraqi Invasion of Kuwait , and 3 rd winners of the 17 th Book Exhibition for 1992. The Award received by the owner of the site lies within the 3 rd category. The ceremony was under the auspices of HE the Ruler of Kuwait Sheikh Jaber el Ahmad el Sabah .


A Man Who Dislikes Travel

" Our colleague Antoine Boutros , the Editor-in-Chief of Al Computer, Communications and Electronics (ACCE), has hit the record in traveling. For after attending the event organized by HP (Hewlet Packard) on Printers, Scanners, and Copiers , which took place in the French sea shore resort of Niece , he flew to Dubai to prepare the 5 yearly brochures which ACCE publishes for GITEX, the regional occasion considered to be the premier exhibition in the area. And after a short drop for a “ working rest” to the headquarters of the magazine in Beirut to plan the publications and their content , he left for Huston, Texas to participate in the technology Forum organized by Compaq Computer company and attended by about 5000 expert and technician and specialized journalist. He was the only journalist invited from the Middle East to participate in this event which focuses on latest trends and innovations in the field of IT and Communications. Upon his return from Huston he flew to Dubai to attend GITEX and present the 230 page series of brochures dedicated for the event. He then did not miss to deviate his route and pass by Florence and or a 24 hour vocation to visit its galleries and enjoy their treasures. Asked where his next leg will be he answered that he dislikes travel. "

translated from the Internal Bulletin of Dar Assayad, 1 Dec, 1995


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