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Status: Married with two daughters
Date of Birth: 1938


Editor-in-Chief, Al Computer, Communications & Electronics magazine, published by Dar Assayad.
Director of Research, Dar Assayad Publishing House.
Director of Special Projects, Dar Assayad.

General Information:
For the past thirty years have founded and contributed in the foundation of several research centers, and in the launching of the first specialized magazines in the Arab World.

Biographical entry available in:

Who's Who in the World , starting with the 15 th Ed., 1998.

Dictionary of International Biography,27 th ed.

Who's Who in Finance and Industry,31 st ed.(2000-2001)

International Who's Who of Intellectuals,13 th ed., in which he is cited as the forerunner of science reporting in modern Lebanese and Arab journalism, and first to write about information technology in Arabic, and a participant in the cultural renewal of Lebanon in the sixties.


Author and co-author of around 20 books and dictionaries, namely in IT and computer science, and around 400 articles on science, culture, history & international affairs.

Shared the 1991 Award of the Kuwait Foundation for the Advancement of Sciences (KFAS ) for Best Science Book of the Year.

Frequently appears on TV to highlight scientific events.

Participated in numerous international conferences and conventions.

Worked as a consultant for the ESCWA (United Nations/ Economic & Social Commission for West Asia ) and the UNDP ( United Nations Development Program).

Major Publications:

Major Scientific Revolutions in the 20 th Century (in Arabic)

Charikat Matboua't li Tawzi' wa Nachr
Beirut , 1994

Concise Encyclopedia of Computers (in Arabic)

Librairie du Liban Publishers
Beirut , 1991

Illustrated Dictionary of Computing Science (Arabic)

Librairie du Liban Publishers
Beirut , 1994

Al Mustalah, Dictionary of Computer Terms ( English Arabic)

Librairie du Liban Publishers
Beirut , 1989

Information at the Eve of the 21 st Century (in Arabic)

Librairie du Liban Publishers
Beirut , 1987

A Documentary of the Lebanese War (in Arabic)
Dar Assayad Beirut , 1977

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