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On the Subject of Development

In April 1988, and as a result o two trips to Japan, I established in Beirut The Center for the Study of Japanese Experience , nick named The Meiji Ishin after the name of the Japanese Emperor in whose era Japan had undergone a great transformation and developed itself as an advanced nation after centuries of feudal rule. This feat triggered deep thinking in the Third World . The aim of the Center was to study the Japanese experience in modernization and participate in the great debate on development in the Third World . Following is the brochure which explained the aims and programs of the Center. Incidentally the Center was dissolved in October 1997 for lack of funds and to be honest for lack of interest. For in that period Lebanon and the whole of the Middle East witnessed 2 Local wars (in Lebanon ) and one regional war (Iraqi invasion of Kuwait ). It was evident that the Center was a premature idea.

However the Center produced before its closure an authorized translation of an important source in understanding the transformation of Japan . The book bore the following title: Meiji Ishin:Restoration & Revolution , edited by Nagai Michio & Miguel Urrutia, and published by the United Nations University , Tokyo ,1985.

Our Arabic version was published in 1993. It s noteworthy to mention that after more than a decade, Asharq Al-Awsat, daily Saudi, London -based newspaper, published an article on 8 August, 2004, drawing attention to the Arabic edition and the importance of reading it.


On the Quest of the Historical Christ

Many Faces, Many Opinions



Jesus by Warner Sallman
Jesus by Campbell
Jesus by richard hook
by Stephen Sawyer

Various articles each combined or condensed from various sources that shed light on the origins of Christianity and writing of the Gospels

·   Paul's Contribution to Christianity (by Kamal Salibi, Conspiracy in Jerusalem )
·   The Origins of Christianity and the Quest for the Historical Jesus Christ (by various authors) The Gospels (by various authors)
·   Man and his Gods, (by Homer Smith)
·   The Historic Evidence & the Historic Transformation of Christian Faith (by various authors)
·    Jesus in Art

In The Monthly 

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