Why Irth Sumer?

To begin with the word Irth Sumer is a literal translation of the Arabic word meaning the Legacy of Sumer. World civilization is indebted to Sumer for the most important elements in the developments of the evolution of culture and civilization as we know them today.

Sumer was a country in southeastern Mesopotamia , and birthplace for the first civilization in world history. The history of Sumer is counted as lasting from about 3500 BCE until 2000 BCE, where after other cultures, based upon the Sumerian tradition continued the Sumerian legecy. These cultures were principally the Assyrian and the Babylonian. Sumer represented one half of Mesopotamia, where Akkad , to the north, represented the other half. The heartland of Sumer corresponds much to the heartland of Babylonia .

In terms of today, Sumer was located in the Tigris -Euphrates plain,( which comprised the eastern horn of the Fertile Crescent -the region stretching from present day Baghdad to the Persian Gulf- the other horn being Syria and Palestine .

The Fertile Crescent is known as the cradle of Western civilization, animal domestication and earliest center of food production in the world. Almost all major innovations in western Eurasia animal domestication, plant domestication, writing, metallurgy, wheels, states, and so on -a rose in or near the Fertile Crescent.

Being partly a national of the grand Fertile Crescent whose intellectual interests transcend science into archaeology, with various publications that cover many disciplines of knowledge such as science, astronomy, evolution, history, religion, information, culture, I find no better motto than the Legacy of Sumer as a banner under which these works can be available to those interested.

The Fertile Crescent Cradle of Civilization

In his brilliant and informative book , Guns, Germs, and Steel: The Fate of Human Societies , (Norton, 1999), Jared Diamond traced the remarkable scope of the role played by the dwellers of the Fertile Crescent , the Sumerians, in the history of civilization.

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